This is a lost cause.

Phenomena: Poverty and Drug Abuse

Society got it wrong. Drugs and Poverty do not go hand in hand. Drugs cost money, and is not productive. Hence, unless you’re a drug dealer, it is not an investment, and like a playground ride, you pay, have fun and that’s that. 

I know drugs are used as an escapism tool for a lot of people, I get it. But logically, it does not make any sense whatsoever. It does not help, in fact, it makes you even poorer. While you’re on it, you are more than likely to not be doing anything productive. Of course, that is dependent on the drug you are on.. But most things like Ketamine or MDMA or Crack or Cocaine are fun, but makes you unproductive. Yes, you might think it takes my mind off things. All I can say to that is, stop finding excuses. Procrastination is what would make things worse for you. Laziness is a disease.

People in poverty should stop escaping, stop using drugs, even if just for now, use it as a kind of reward for you when you get out of poverty, if you love it so much, use it when you can afford to, be a little more disciplined. It could save your life.

Meanwhile, you can save the money for something more useful, like food or rent or some new clothes for potential job interviews. Take care of yourself, rather than your drug dealer. Money invested in drug dealers who might kill you if get into too big a debt with them, or yourself who is the key to your own happiness? I think I would invest in the latter.  

I know many don’t like the idea of money, or think that money is the root of all evil, therefore i’m choosing to pursue a life in which I explore my mind. Well, it’s all very well and good, but we’re talking survival here. First priority, Survive. Then, feel free to explore your mind,

Addiction is a frame of mind. It gives you an excuse to want to do something over and over. OH DON’T WAIL ON ME I CANT HELP MYSELF. Yes you can. All you have to do is change your mind. You’re not an addict and you can help yourself. Just grow the fuck up. 

Oct 4
Poverty and Drug Abuse